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Caroline Darsie

Dev. Information System Administrator

Phone: 209-946-2774
Email:  Caroline Darsie

Caroline began her career at Pacific in May 1976, after teaching 7th and 8th grade for two years.

She began her "temporary job" as a correspondence secretary taking care of letters and such from the President, Vice President, and Alumni Director.

During Pacific's first campaign (1978), she was made the Director of Development Research.

When the campus decided to convert the University's database to BSR in 1986, Caroline volunteered to become the Project Manager/Database Administrator for the University Advancement Division and it is in this capacity that she remains today.

  • Database Administrator for the Division
  • Provides statistical and specialized reports pertaining to the current campaign, endowments, their earnings, corpus and market value
  • Maintains all campaign information
  • Generates all pledge reports
  • Maintains and tests all information concerning the BANNER database which includes tables, reports, and procedures affected by software