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Important changes in health plan offerings for 2015

Oct 20, 2014

There are important changes to be aware of during open enrollment season! 

As we do each year, the University Compensation Committee (a group comprised of faculty, staff and retirees) carefully reviews the benefit plans. The committee is charged with examining plan performance and making recommendations of suitable plans that would be attractive and useful for employees and retirees, and their family members, as well as meeting budget and cost constraints.  

Again this year, the medical plan did not perform well. There was high usage of some plans so the renewal premiums for 2015 were very high. Additionally, for a number of years the committee has received requests for more and varied plan designs that allow for more choice and control over individual costs.  

High costs combined with the need to renovate plans created an opportunity to update our medical plans.  With your needs in mind, options were carefully and thoughtfully studied. We were able to keep the best components of plans to include 100% preventative care and continued use of Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross networks and providers. We were also able to improve and add additional features, such as high-deductible plans that provide lower premium costs, health savings accounts and supplemental insurance options with $0 co-pay and savings opportunities. The updates create a fresh menu of choices so you have more control over your own costs and benefits.  

I urge you to review the open enrollment materials (attached>>) and the updates and news articles that will be provided. Attend the Benefits Fairs, informational sessions (more information coming), and call the Benefit Resource Center for additional insight. We will be sending updates and materials as they become available through the Pacific Insider, emails, Twitter and Facebook, and will be posting items to the Benefits web page, as well as providing many opportunities to review and discuss options with benefits specialists.  

As a long-time employee of Pacific, I have experienced many changes in the past years along with many of you. I understand the importance of employee benefits and the impact they have on our families and ourselves individually. I am confident that as you explore these new options you will be pleased that Pacific has provided more choice, more affordable options and additional ways to save for future needs.  

Jane Lewis 
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

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