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Crossing Boundaries for Academic Excellence

What are we doing?

The Provost's Office is partnering with faculty, staff and other key university stakeholders to create an academic plan for the next 3-5 years. By building on the good work already done over the last several years, this plan will enable the continued support and implementation of Pacific 2020. Through strategic focus and investments, we will pursue a vision that builds on Pacific's strengths and reputation for focusing on the student experience and recommits us to our integrative educational mission.

Why are we doing an Academic Plan?

Our energies and resources are finite, so we want to be intentional about setting our academic priorities for implementing Pacific 2020.  Through thoughtful academic planning, we will create clear academic goals to focus our efforts for the next three to five years.  This plan will be used to allocate resources strategically and will guide the subsequent development of an enrollment management plan. 

Academic Plan Process Diagram

How can I participate?

In September faculty and their Deans discussed what initiatives were already happening that crossed-boundaries and ideas for initiatives that they would like to do. In-unit conversations led by the respective Deans took place through the end of November. Additionally, the Provost hosted a series of cross-unit conversations for faculty, students and staff to discuss ways we could "cross boundaries for academic excellence." The site is available here.

All of the ideas voiced during the cross-unit conversations in October and November were transcribed and made available online for viewing and discussion through December 5th. The materials posted on the site will remain available for viewing through February 2015.

The ideas gathered from the cross-unit conversations, as well as ideas from conversations in the schools/college were synthesized into a comprehensive document which outlined goals and strategies used at the Academic Planning Retreat.  During the Retreat, participants developed initiates to leverage existing strengths, prepare students to lead successful lives, and build Pacific's reputation over the next 3 - 5 years.  The first draft of the plan will be disseminated to the university community in January, accompanied by additional cross-unit conversations and opportunities for online feedback.