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Conflict of Interest

What is a Conflict of Interest?

A financial and other interest that may impair or reasonably appear to impair the person's ability to exercise independent judgment in the exercise of their responsibilities. 

What does the University of Pacific say about Conflicts of Interest?

The University recruits high quality employees and Regents and as such expects there to be potential conflicts of interest.  Below are Pacific's Policies on Conflict of Interest:

How are Conflicts of Interest Reported to the University?

Regents and Key Employees of the University are required to report Conflicts each year using the C Trac reporting tool provided by Crowe Horwath.  The Office of Internal Audit sends out emails to all Regents and Key Employees with links to the tool in the fall of each year.  This information is gathered and reported for the IRS Form 990 that the University files each year.  If Regents and Key Employees have Conflicts of Interest that arise during the year they are asked to complete the  University Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form and send it to the Office of Internal Audit.

All other employees will have filled out a the University Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form when they had their New Hire Orientation.  This does not need to be updated unless a new Conflict of Interest arises.  If a new conflict occurs the employee is required to fill out the  University Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form and submit it to the Office of Internal Audit.