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University Initiatives

The following University-level initiatives will help Pacific accomplish our 2016-2017 Institutional Priorities.

Priority 1: Develop our multi-campus university

6 Initiatives:

  • Refresh Pacific 2020 to focus our strategic efforts over the next five years by identifying five strategic themes.  We will specify the work involved and sequence that work so that we can measure and celebrate our progress.
  • Develop an academic strategy for enrollment growth on all three campuses that names the anticipated new programs and timelines for implementing those programs in each location. c)    
  • Expand internal communications through our Pacific publications and enhanced communication channels.
  • Expand communication of McGeorge and the Sacramento campus to the Sacramento community by telling our story and showcasing our innovative new programs through local and regional media outlets.
  • Implement an effective multi-campus administrative structure by increasing the consistency of administrative practices and effective collaboration between the three campuses, as well as solidifying the administrative structure in Sacramento and San Francisco.
  • Enhance the University's technology capabilities by enhancing technology service and delivery across all three campuses, improving information security with more robust perimeter defense, management of sensitive data and training, and progressing on strategic technology capabilities in academic technology.

Priority 2: Enhance enrollments and improve student success

9 Initiatives:

  • Invigorate undergraduate enrollments by hiring four additional recruiters.  Expand pipeline and transfer opportunities by partnering with additional agencies, community college institutions and area high schools in order to increase and diversify under-represented, international and socioeconomic characteristics of our entering class.
  • Create a global learning environment by partnering with Shorelight to assist in recruiting international students and to create the Pacific English Language Institute, which will support the language skills, acculturation, and success of all international students at UOP. 
  • Establish and implement an action plan for URM recruitment for undergraduate students.
  • Tell the stories of our students' success by increasing the response rate to our 1st Destination survey to 65% and communicate the information gleaned from the survey through the Alumni newsletter, the Pacific Insider, the President's Report, and other university publications. 
  • Provide superior career development support for liberal arts students by embedding Career Resource Center internship and career advising staff inside the College of the Pacific.
  • Fully implement the piloted system for early identification and support of at-risk students.
  • Better understand and respond to the needs of identity-based groups including African American, Asian-Pacific Islander, Latino, LGBT and veteran students.
  • Implement a comprehensive Student Outcome Survey for all Pacific undergraduates.
  • Develop a plan to enhance support for graduate students and build capacity for this support.

Priority 3: Build Reputation through Academics

  5 Initiatives:

  • Develop a cohesive plan of specific health-related academic programs and begin implementation of an integrated health education strategy based on internal and external partnerships that will build enrollments, enhance reputation, provide opportunities for innovative pedagogies, and support community health.
  • Champion the liberal arts by firmly establishing experiential learning as a hallmark of the liberal arts education at Pacific and by advancing new interdisciplinary learning opportunities, such as Media X, which will draw students to new and relevant manifestations of being liberally educated.
  • Increase effective marketing of academic programs through a partnership of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications and the academic units.    
  • Support enrollments of all programs on the Sacramento campus by fully implementing the Sacramento marketing strategy.
  • Implement all 2016-17 scheduled program reviews including final action plans with recommendations and timelines.  Review administrative annual reports to identify divisional and university-wide areas of concern and centers of excellence. 

Priority 4: Support Faculty and Staff Development and Engagement

7 Initiatives:

  • Initiate a business transformation process beginning with a restructured payroll administration system.
  • Deliver a professional development session for all managers on the performance management framework to support employee success and accountability.
  • Complete faculty and staff compensation plan and identify next steps to address issues raised.
  • Update hiring processes, including anti-bias training, for faculty and staff to support recruitment of diverse employees.
  • Deliver a Human Resources system to support all search committees and hiring managers in their efforts to increase employee diversity.
  • Deliver anti-bias and intercultural awareness training to faculty and staff across the University.
  • Clarify the decision-making roles of faculty, administration and regents associated with shared governance. 

Priority 5: Embrace our Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign

6 Initiatives:

  • Surpass the midway point of the $300M campaign goal.
  • Engage eight school/unit volunteer campaign steering committees.
  • Finalize Pacific's case statement and fundraising initiatives. 
  • Obtain a total of 150 Powell Matched endowments to enhance student access and success.
  • Inform and educate faculty and staff on campaign initiatives and impact through Pacific Insider and quarterly updates.
  • Create and oversee a minimum of four nationwide pre-public campaign events showcasing the University for alumni, parents and friends.