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When to See...

When to See Your Course Instructor...

  • Discuss your progress in a course
  • Questions about guidelines for an assignment and to review graded assignments
  • If you experience a hardship that impacts your ability to attend class and complete work

Why See Your Faculty Advisor...

  • For consultation about any academic issues you're having
  • To discuss undergraduate research, internship, and career opportunities
  • As a resource for other campus services

When to See Your Faculty Advisor...

  • First month of the semester
  • Whenever you're experiencing academic difficulty
  • Pre-registration advising for the following semester

Why Come to the Academic Affairs Office - WPC 111 and WPC 113

  • To make an appointment with the Senior Associate Dean Jongeward (See Candis Bradley to make the appointment)
  • To make an appointment with the Associate Dean Hernandez (See Eighmee Ferrill to make the appointment.)
  • To pick up or submit forms (Late Add, Late Withdrawal, etc.) from Eighmee Ferrill, Academic Information Specialist