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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Information on this page may not accurately reflect the University's most recent academic requirements. For a complete account of University of the Pacific's academic requirements, please check the General Catalog for detailed and up-to-date information.

1. How many units do I need to take to be a full-time student?
12 units -18 units

2. What is the General Education requirement?
Three courses are required from each of the following categories in General Education:

  • Category I: Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Category II: Arts and Humanities
  • Category III: Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Pacific Seminars I, II and III (Freshman)
  • Two Area Electives and PacSem III (Transfer Students)
  • Fundamental Skills: Writing, Reading and Quantitative (All students must meet basic skills within one academic year).

For more information regarding the General Education requirements, please consult the General Education section of the Course Catalog.

3. If I do the GE requirement and my major, is there anything else I need to do to graduate?
There is a Breadth Requirement of at least 64 units outside your major department or discipline for the B.A./B.S. and 53 units for the B.F.A. For more information regarding the Breadth Requirement, please consult the General Catalog.

4. Do I have to take a foreign language to graduate?
Second Language is required of all students with fewer than 28 units of transfer credit completing a B.A. degree in the College. This requirement can be fulfilled in one of three ways:

  1. Taking the first and second semesters of a Modern Second Language, American Sign Language, Latin or Greek with a C- or higher the second semester.
  2. Passing the requirement by placement exam.
  3. Intensive summer language immersion programs.

For more information on testing dates for language placement exams, please contact the Department of Modern Languages and Literature

5. When do I have to declare a major, and what if I want to change it?
We encourage you to declare your major by the end of your sophomore year. To change your major, simply fill out a Change of Major form, available in the Academic Affairs office, WPC 113.

6. Can I take summer school classes at a community college?
Obtain a Transfer Course Approval Request form from the Registrar's Office prior to registering for classes elsewhere. Note, however, that when you have completed 70 units of any and all college-level work toward the degree (including Pacific units, AP/IB units, and community college units), no more unit credit from a community college may apply to that degree, but students can still earn course content credit to satisfy specific course requirements. Approved, articulated coursework taken from another 4-year college or university will still apply. Some restrictions may apply; for further information, please consult the General Catalog, as well as the Registrar Office's information on transferring academic credits to Pacific.

7. How will my AP and IB scores count?
The Admissions Office will determine how much credit your AP and IB scores will receive. Currently, course credit earned through AP with a score of 4 or above or IB credit with a score of 5 or above may be used to satisfy certain requirements for the degree. No more than 28 credits of AP classes can be applied towards your studies. For more information, please consult the General Catalog.

8. Honor Societies
Pacific is host to Phi Beta Kappa Society, the nation's oldest and most well-known academic honor society. Note that membership in Phi Beta Kappa is by invitation only for students who meet the minimum GPA, Math and Language requirements  for eligibility. For additional information about Phi Beta Kappa please consult the General Catalog. The College is also host to a number of additional prestigious honor societies including Phi Kappa Phi, and a number of discipline-specific honor societies.

9. Can I do a study abroad program and still graduate in four years?
Yes. Pacific offers wonderful study abroad programs.
For more information, contact:
Email link International Programs and Services
Director: Ryan Griffith
Phone: 209.946.2246