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Bridge to Asia book collection efforts have landmark year

The Pacific Emeriti Society extends thanks to all who made this year's book collection efforts so successful
Aug 14, 2014

This is the fifth year that the Emeriti Society, in conjunction with Pacific Mail Services, has sponsored a project to collect scholarly and teaching materials for donation to colleges and universities in Asia through the Bridge to Asia Foundation.

The Emeriti Society thanks all members of the University community who participated in this year's collection efforts, and especially Assistant Vice President Scott Heaton and the staff of the Pacific Mail Services. The drive resulted in the collection of 135 cartons of donated materials, the best year since the program began.

At the end of the school year, boxes were placed at mail collection stations across the campus for students and faculty to contribute books and materials to the drive. Mail Services staff collected the donations and then packed and shipped them to the Foundation's central collection location.   \

The Bridge to Asia Foundation then transports the materials to four distribution centers in China where faculty from 1,000 universities and colleges in China from Shanghai to Tibet and Southeast Asia come to select teaching materials that are useful to them.  

Here is a quote of thanks from a recipient:   

"... What is our library like now? It has changed its history of supporting a foreign languages school of more than 1,400 students and 120 teachers without a Bible in English, nor the complete works of Shakespeare, nor the Norton Anthology of English Literature. Now we have these from you.  

And the scores of books on China help us learn what we are in the eyes of other peoples. The most popular of popular magazines, the National Geographic, has become a huge collection... Even most of our Marxist and Leninist works in English have come from you.  

In addition to English publications, printed materials in other languages have also been increased... even a Homer in ancient Greek, most of which are unavailable in our largest bookstores..."                                                  

Yan Zhiqiang, Professor in English, Foreign Languages School                                                
Huzhou Teachers' College, Zhejian  

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