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Benerd College
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Managing Social Media Platforms Certificate - Online

Online Program Overview 

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook link millions of companies and organizations with their customers and clients. Come away with both an understanding of these social networks and practical, how-to techniques to integrate social networks into your business. The instructors are outstanding practitioners who speak, write, and train others on social networks.


Twitter is a hot social media platform these days - and everyone seems to be using it. Learn the best way to take advantage of the unique opportunities Twitter offers - and discover the best ways to create relationships and network with your key constituents. You will find out the best - and easiest - techniques for successful interactions in the Twitterverse.

Date: Sept 3 - 27

Course Code: UCLP 056 $195 (1.6 CEUs)

Facebook for Business

Find out what goes on behind the scenes on Facebook Pages and how to increase the chances that your message is seen and acted on. Discover new tools and proven techniques to increase business and expand your reach. Discuss how to adapt your marketing message for the Facebook platform and how to integrate Facebook across all marketing areas. This is an advanced class and assumes you have started a Page on Facebook and have some basic knowledge of the platform. In includes the most current updates Facebook has made to Pages. 

Date: Oct 7 - Nov 1

Course Code:
 UCLP 053 $245 (1.6 CEUs)

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is the most popular business social network and the website for professionals to network, build business relationships, and provide or receive referrals. Most people rarely get beyond setting up a profile and therefore miss out on all the advanced features that have come to make LinkedIn so popular. Learn how to set up your personal profile so that it gets noticed by others. Discover how LinkedIn can be used to generate leads, recruit new employees, and find new jobs. This class will cover all the intricacies of LinkedIn to help you create, customize, and optimize your presence on LinkedIn. 

Date: Nov 4 - 29

Course Code: UCLP 068 $195 (1.6 CEUs)

Course Fee: Certificate/all courses $495 (4.8 CEUs)

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