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July is national Weight Management Month

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July is national Weight Management Month

Jul 7, 2014

July is national Weight Management Month.

With so much temptation everywhere, it can be hard to keep calories under control.  If you slip, get back on the right path by identifying things that might be keeping you from reaching your goal weight.

Switch back to healthy habits by knowing how and why you fell off your weight-loss plan.  Has something in your life changed?  Do you enjoy the exercises you're doing?  Do you miss certain foods?  Is your goal specific and realistic?  Be honest, but don't judge.  Write down your answers and make adjustments as needed to regain your momentum.

Speaking of momentum, almost anything that gets you moving strengthens your muscles and burns calories.  So step it up and make it fun.  Maybe take that old hula hoop out for a spin?

Visit for more information.  

And don't forget Weight Watcher's - because it works!

Pacific's Weight Watcher's at Work meets every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the Taylor Conference Room of the Library. Consider signing up for the program and receive 50% off the Monthly Pass!  

Sacramento and San Francisco campus employees may also enroll through Pacific to take advantage of the Weight Watchers at Work program and may attend Weight Watchers meetings in their local area.

Contact Cari Keller in Human Resources at or call 209.946.2126 for more information or simply stop by the next meeting.  

All are welcome!

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