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University Assessment Committee

Faculty At-Large Representatives
Helene Flohic, COP (term expires 2021)
Xin Guo, PHS (term expires 2021)


School/College, Unit Representatives .
College of the Pacific Kirkwood Land
Eberhardt School of Business TBD
Benerd College Justin Low
School of Engineering and Computer Science Mike Doherty
Conservatory of Music Nicolasa Kuster
Pharmacy & Health Sciences Jenana Maker
McGeorge School of Law Stephanie Thompson
Dugoni School of Dentistry Lisa Itaya
Graduate Studies TBD
Library Veronica Wells
Student Life Sandy Mahoney
University-Wide Academic Programs Representatives
General Education Chris Goff
Writing Center Molly Rentscher
Director of Academic Assessment TBD
Director of Center for Teaching & Learning Leslie Bayers, CTL Assistant Director
Ex Officio (non-voting) Members
Faculty Fellow in Assessment Jessica Grady, Committee Chair
Vice Provost for Strategy & Educational Effectiveness Cyd Jenefsky
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Edie Sparks

Last updated: August 2020