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    Focusing on Our Future Archive

    President’s Final Decisions: Academic Planning and Alignment

    (May 1, 2014)

    This year, a key priority for University of the Pacific has been reviewing our programs to ensure that our activities are high quality, have significant impact, and are aligned with our strategic plan, Pacific 2020. Reviewing and aligning our programs has allowed us to focus more closely on what will best serve our students, and thus what will help build a vibrant future for Pacific. Focusing on Our Future has been the necessary first step toward enhancing our educational excellence and thriving in a rapidly changing higher education environment.

    This report marks the conclusion of Academic Planning and Alignment (APA), the second of two Focusing on Our Future review processes. (The administrative phase occurred in fall 2013 and is downloadable below.) Considerable time and effort have gone into the APA process across the University, especially in Academic Affairs. Provost Pallavicini, the Provost’s Office, Institutional Research, the deans and our faculty and staff have worked extremely hard to make APA a success. Faculty, in particular, have provided close and critical engagement in creating a quality process that will help the University move forward, all while continuing to provide an outstanding education to Pacific’s students.

    The President will release a Focusing on Our Future overview in summer 2014, highlighting decisions, reflecting on the significant issues that emerged in the review process, identifying the process for allocating the Strategic Investment Fund, and detailing implementation steps for the Focusing on Our Future decisions.

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    The President announced her final decisions on the academic aspects of Focusing on Our Future and talked about the future of the University during an All-University Town Hall on May 1, 2014. You may watch a recording of the town hall below.

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