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How To Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved, from being on the Conduct ReviewBoard or being a Student Conduct Support Person.


Be on the Student Conduct Review Board
Student Conduct Review Boards are made up of three students (undergraduate or graduate), one staff person, and one faculty member. Participation is based upon individual availability and there is no minimum time commitment. If you are interested in serving as a board member, please e-mail the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office.

Minimum Qualifications for Students:

  • Maintain a semester GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Not Currently on Academic or Disciplinary Probation
  • Complete the Student Conduct Review Board Training

Be a Student Conduct Support Person
For student conduct hearings (either with a hearing officer or review board) students may choose to request a support person to help them navigate the process. Students may consult with an advisor. The advisor may provide advice and counsel but during the student conduct review process my not speak on behalf of, or otherwise represent the student (respondent), student conduct hearing officer or board.

Current students, faculty, or staff may act as an advisor. Off-campus individuals and those with no affiliation to the University may not act as advisors. Current faculty or staff may not act as advisors to family members who are respondents.