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CDS 2010 Academic Offerings and Policies


E1. Special Study Options: Programs Available

Accelerated programs Student-designed major
Independent study Thematic minors
Double majors Study abroad
Minors Teacher certification program
Honors program English as a second language (ESL)
Dual enrollment/dual degree Undergraduate Research
Cooperative educational program Ethnic Studies
Internships Environmental Science
Practicum Gender Studies
Exchange Student Program Service Learning
Liberal arts/Professional Education combination

E2. Core Curriculum (item removed)

E3. Core Curriculum Requirements: Areas in which Students are Required to Complete Course Work Prior to Graduation

Arts/fine arts Sciences (biological or physical)
Foreign Languages (BA only) Social Science
Humanities Other: Pacific Seminars and General Education
Mathematics or Logic

E4-E7. Library Holdings: Report the number of holdings at the end of the fiscal year.

Books, serial back files, and government documents (titles) that are accessible through library catalog 378,040
Current serials (paper, microform): - include periodicals, newspapers, and government documents 1,357
Microforms (units) 692,083
Video and audio (units) 11,884