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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

April 15, 2014

Institutional Priorities Committee
Minutes of April 15 , 2014
3:00pm - 5:00pm 
DeRosa Center Room 211

Present: Atterbury, Buckley, Cavanaugh, Day, Eibeck, Fox, Gale, Gutierrez, Hein, Kleinert, Lackey, Luu, Lyon, Meyer (Chair), Murta, Pallavicini, Perrot, Shaw, Staniec

 Arnold, Leland, Martin

Arlene Cash, John Jones, Ken Mullen

Call to Order: 

Minutes for the March 25, 2014 meeting were approved.

President's final recommendations to the Board
The President shared her revisions to the Stockton campus budget recommendations made by the IPC. There were no changes to the McGeorge and Dugoni recommended budgets. The final recommendations will go to the Board next week. 

OIT budget
Jones presented a technology roadmap. Currently the Board of Regents and a technology sub-committee are responsible for reviewing and approving a high-level roadmap vision. A Technology Steering Committee is responsible for developing high-level roadmap directions, and ensuring continued alignment with university strategies. The Strategic Planning Committee is beginning their work on initiatives found in Pacific 2020. Teams will be accountable for developing specific goals and deliverables that are in alignment with Pacific 2020.

Areas of technology that are core and are currently being addressed include salaries, organizational structure, foundational projects, and evaluations for outsourcing or managed services.  

A consulting firm found that Pacific technology salaries were significantly below the median and in some cases below the low end of ranges. A proposed 3-year phased approach (approximately $800k) will allow salaries to be increased equal to the median.  

Organizational structure
The current organizational structure lacks key components. Several existing components are understaffed for the amount of unmanaged workload throughout Pacific. A new proposed technology organizational structure was shared. New categories are being recommended, such as training, a business office and a project management office. A proposed 3-year phased approach (beginning in FY 15) includes the addition of 10 FTE for these new areas (totaling ~$1.02M).  

Foundational Projects
The following foundational technologies were found to be needed: infrastructure/networks, core applications, disaster recovery, information security, service management, and project management. A proposed 3-year phased approach (beginning FY 15) was shared: The foundational cost (minus staffing) was proposed to be an accumulative base add of ~$1.04M and an accumulative one-time add of ~$4.6M. The foundational costs including salary adjustments and new staffing was proposed to be an accumulative base add of ~$2.57M, and an accumulative one-time add of ~$4.6M.  

Evaluations for outsourcing or managed services
The following services/applications require an evaluation for outsourcing or hosted support:

  • Telephony
  • Exchange (email)
  • Customer Service
  • Data Center Application Hosting
  • Dta Center Data Storage
  • Banner
  • SharePoint
  • Web Hosting
  • Information security

Jones has been charged with making sure that Pacific has a reliable, secure technology system that works. As Pacific 2020 continues to be developed the university will get a better grasp on what it means to achieve its strategic goals, which will also help decide what technology is needed. 

Future Agenda Items

  • Review status and budget strategy for McGeorge 
  • Review feedback from Board on final budget recommendations 

Adjourned: 4:35pm