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Honoring Staff Years of Service

More than 120 Stockton employees will be recognized for their years of service at the annual recognition reception on May 13.
Apr 17, 2014

At an afternoon reception beginning at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 13, in the DeRosa University Center Ballroom, Pacific will recognize the following Stockton campus staff members for their years of service. The Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award recipients will also be announced at the reception.  (The following lists include staff whose five-year incremental anniversary falls between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014.)

Jane Lewis


Jane Lewis, Human Resources



Joy Hart, College of the Pacific/Psychology 
Susan McCann, College of the Pacific/Chemistry 
Patricia Ragocas, Office of the Registrar


Mike Lawrie, Support Services
Mary Nevis, Eberhardt School of Business 
Bonnie O'Hearn, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy                  
   and Health Sciences 
Robert Ramirez, Support Services


Howard Binder, Support Services 
Wendy Cornwall, Athletics 
Kitty Gilbert, College of the Pacific/Dean's Office 
Alicia Mordhorst, Advancement Services and Research 
Mark Plovnick, External Relations 
Jimmy Shipes, Support Services 
Evette Sola, Health Services 
Julie Wendland, Athletics 
Joe Wortmann, Athletics 
Craig Zenor, Support Services 


Kim Beck, Financial Aid 
Keith Coleman, Athletics 
Cathy Dodson, University Development 
Todd Fabian, College of the Pacific/Psychology 
Peggy Hawbaker, Admission 
Ron Verlin, Athletics 
Myrna Vick, Eberhardt School of Business 


Lisa Carson, PacificCard Office
Tom Congrave, Support Services 
Yanko Estay, Support Services 
Stephanie Fong, Athletics 
Kathleen Fritz, Estate and Planned Giving 
Wanda Marshall, School of Engineering and Computer Science 
Karen Mendoza, Human Resources 
Michael Nevarez, Support Services  

Pam Nogare, Athletics
Mary Ann Pearson, Public Safety 

Brad Reynolds, Support Services 
Joanna Royce-Davis, Student Life 
Pamala Sanocki, College of the Pacific/Psychology 
Elizabeth Santomier, Benerd School of Education 
Raoul Villalpando, Office of Information Technology 
Deborah Walker, College of the Pacific/Biological Sciences 


Maria Anguiano, Support Services 
Angelita Balingit, Accounts Payable 
Martha Banuelos, Support Services 
Debra Bell, Eberhardt School of Business 
Benjamin Buecher, Student Life 
Joe Camarena, Public Safety 
Joanne Carvana, Human Resources 
Crisostomo Caslib, Support Services 
Sally Cebreros, Annual Giving 
Lawrence Cogo, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy
  and Health Sciences 
Patrice Coss, Human Resources 
Wilfred Garcia, Office of Information Technology 
Kathy Giottonini, College of the Pacific/Physics 
Chris Haruta, Career Resource Center 
Adam Jacobsen, Athletics 
Mary Lou Lackey, Office of the President 
Elizabeth Ledesma, Payroll  

Timothy Lenderman, Public Safety
Jennifer Maroney, Gladys L. Benerd School of Education 
Cherilyn Moe, Library 
Tonya Navarro, Stockton Dental Clinic 
Esequiel Oropeza, Support Services 
Michelle Preston, Cashier's Office 
Elizabeth Rangel, Support Services 
Erin Rausch, Center for Community Involvement 
Consuelo Roberts, Physical Therapy 
Jose Rodriguez, Support Services 
Ed Sprague, Athletics 
Zac Spurlin, Human Resources 
Kong Thao, Support Services 
Kimberly Turner, Support Services 
Jason Velo, Student Leadership and Involvement 
Jan Wammack, Chaplain's Office 
Arianna Yepez, Jacoby Center 
James Young, Public Safety  


Maricruz Almonte Cha, Support Services 
Marylou Bagus, Multicultural Affairs 
Melissa Bailey, Office of the Registrar 
Donald Barbara, Athletics 
Dale Brody, Counseling Services 
Veronica Brown, School of Engineering and Computer Science 
Kaceey Casto, Housing and Greek Life 
Michael Caton, Public Safety 
Tabitha Clinton, Center for Professional and Continuing Education 
Jenkins Albert Conde, Support Services 
Kimberlee DeRushia, Counseling Services 
Sharon Donahue, College of the Pacific/Social Sciences 
Jesse Estrada, Support Services 
Benny Foronda, Human Resources 
Jaqueline Galvan, Public Safety 
Michael Gritsch, Support Services 
Alisha Groene, Payroll 
Jennifer Hong-Phin, Support Services 
Jeremy Johnson, Support Services 
Kevin Johnson, Assessment, Training and Technology 
Kimberly Jorgensen, Financial Aid 
Thanh Le, Office of Information Technology 
Leonard Libres, Benerd School of Education 
William Loeng, Mail Services 
Jeanne Lopez, Support Services 
Gary Matuska, Support Services 
Donna May, University Box Office 
Dan McCabe, University Box Office 
Michael McCormick, Athletics 
Beth Moreno, College of the Pacific/Humanities Hub 
Plinio Noguera, Support Services 
Fidelma O'Neill, Budget and Risk Management 
Giulio Ongaro, Conservatory of Music 
Christine Osborne, Chaplain's Office 
Carmenita Padilla, Athletics 
Michael Park, Public Safety 
Norma Ramirez Aza, Support Services 
Shelby Slaugenhaupt, Purchasing 
Jennifer Smith, Housing and Greek Life 
Adam Tomsha, Support Services 
Kristan Turnbeaugh, Office of Information Technology 
Karl Underwood, Office of Information Technology 
Matt Van Donsel, Center for Professional and Continuing Education 
Tuyer Vang, Support Services


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