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FAQ Online Executive Certificate in Financial Planning

How Much Does the Certificate in Financial Planning Program Cost?

The cost of the program is $3,095, which gives you access to the online self-study program.  Additional products can be added such as Live-Online End of Course Reviews or The Dalton Review® for the CFP® Certification Examination.

How Long Do I Have Access to the Program?

Students have access to the program for 9 months with one complimentary 3-month extension, and may purchase extensions to go beyond that. You must call us at 877-426-2373 within 30 days of your access expiring to extend access to the program. In addition, you can access the program from any computer with Internet access.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will have access to the program for three months.

What happens if my access expires to the program expires before I complete the program?

All students who enroll in the Certificate in Financial Planning Program will have access to their online classroom for 9 months, which is the projected completion time period. There is a complimentary 3 month grace period after your 9 month access has expired to complete your education program. After the initial 9 month access and 3 month grace period have ended, students that have not completed the program will have the option to extend access based on the following options:

1 Month: $50 (an opt-in charge that will recur monthly until program completion or opt-out)

3 Months: $135

6 Months: $240

12 Months: $425

All students will be notified before their access expires via an email reminder one month before the initial 9 month access ends and they are entering into the 3 month grace period at no charge. During the grace period, students can purchase additional time to access all education courses as long as needed. Other reminders will be emailed to notify students who are approaching an expiration date.

If a student allows their access to expire, there will be a $200 reactivation fee plus the charges for the time as described above. For example, if a student allows their access to expire and needs 3 more months to complete the program, there will be a $200 reactivation fee plus $135 to extend, or $335 in total. These fees are non-refundable and will not be pro-rated if the program is finished any sooner than anticipated. 

How Does This Program Compare to Other Online CFP® Education Programs?

Some of the major differences include:  This program was developed by former members of the CFP Board of Examiners, other online programs were not.  Over 90% of our students finish the program and go on to pass the CFP exam.  Most other online CFP programs only have 10-14% of their students completing the program. 

How Do I Register for the Online Executive Certificate in Financial Planning Program?

Click here to register for the course. Pay the tuition fee using a credit card. Access to the course begins within 3 business days. For help with the enrollment process, call 209.946.2424.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Program?

The program is designed to be completed in nine months, which assumes you spend about five hours per week doing the online assignments and another four to eight hours of reading chapters and completing the homework exercises. The program can be completed in less time if you are familiar with some of the material or if you are able to spend more than the recommended time each week. 

How Do I Purchase Textbooks?

Textbooks can be purchased individually. Alternatively, all textbooks can be purchased as a bundle and will be shipped as you finish each course.  Call Dalton Education to purchase the Textbook Bundle at 877.426.2373. The textbook bundle is $925 and includes UPS ground shipping costs.

What are the Computer or Software Requirements to Access the Course?

Any Windows or Mac computer connected to the Internet. Our program is NOT compatible with an iPad or iPhone.

Is there Support for Questions about the Material?

Students can send questions via email to Our faculty will answer questions within one business day.

Do any of the Courses Count Towards Insurance, Securities or other CE Credit?

No CE credits are issued through this program. 

What are the Online End of Course Reviews?

The Online End of Course Reviews are four hours of instruction, delivered over the Internet. Students are given access to watch the recordings of these reviews. Instructors cover the most important concepts for the course and what is most likely to be tested on the final exams.  The classes are four hours long and can be viewed at your convenience.

What is The Dalton Review for the CFP Certification Examination?

Prior to taking the CFP Certification Examination it is highly recommended that students take a review course for the CFP exam. The Dalton Review is the most trusted name in reviews for the CFP exam. The Dalton Review was developed by former members of the CFP Board of Examiners and has pass rates of 70-80% on the CFP exam. Visit  for the CFP Exam.

Is The Dalton Review for the CFP Exam Included in the Price of the Program?

No, The Dalton Review is an additional cost and should be purchased directly from Dalton Education by calling 877.426.2373.   

What are the Payment Options?

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. 

How Do I Pass a Course?

At the end of each course, you are required to complete a final exam. A final exam typically consists of 100 multiple choice questions. A passing grade is scoring 70% or higher on an exam.

What Do I Receive at the End of Each Course or Program?

If you need a letter grade at the end of each course for reimbursement purposes, simply send an email to  to request a letter grade to submit for reimbursement purposes.

After passing all five final exams, students will receive a certificate of completion from University of Pacific. 

Are the Online End of Course Reviews Included in the Price of the Program?

YES.  The Online End of Course Reviews are an important component to the program and allow students to review important concepts prior to taking each final exam in the program.

What is the Refund Policy?

University of Pacific must be notified of refund requests in writing to within 5 business days of placing your order.  Students may access the course as many times as they want over the first five days of enrolling in the program and still receive a refund. No refunds are provided after the fifth day of enrolling in the program. Tuition for online programs provides students the opportunity to access the online course and materials. It is the student's responsibility to access the online course.

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