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Retention & Graduation Rates and Analysis

Graduation and Retention Rates 

GRADUATION BY UNIT - Six year graduation and attrition rates for each cohort.
   Fall 0706050403020100999897

 -This report compares Pacific's six-year graduation rate to all public and private institutions as well as two select groups of Pacific's peers.

 - This report containspersistence data by student level for first time cohorts over multiple years.

PERSISTENCE RATES BY UNIT - This report shows freshmen persistence rates by unit over multiple years. 

UNDERGRADUATE FLOW MODELS - Models with detail on IN and OUT migration at Pacific. Data includes attrition, graduation, stop outs, internal transfers, and new students.
COP-Humanities COP-Natural Sci.,COP-Social Sci.COP-ExploratoryBUSEDUENGSISMUSPHS

RETENTION GRAPHS - First time, full time, bachelor's degree seeking cohorts.  Four YearFive YearSix YearEight Year

RETENTION BY ETHNICITY AND GENDER - Detailed 4, 5, 6, and 7 year graduation and persistence data for each cohort.
   Fall 07, 06050403, 020100999897

RETENTION RATE DETAIL - These reports include persistence, graduation, and retention data for full-time, first time, new freshmen cohorts over many years. These reports were set up by IPEDS GRS-SRK reporting standards.   
First Time, Full Time, Degree Seeking Undergraduate Cohort   
First Time, Full Time, Bachelor's Degree Seeking Cohort
First Time, Full Time, PharmD Cohort
First Time, Full Time, DDS Cohort