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Institutional Research
Knoles Hall, Third Floor

Institutional Data

Department Enrollment Trends

Enrollment by department: UndgGrad
Enrollment, FTES, FT-PT by major and department: Fall 
131211100908; Spring 131211100908

Average Class Size

Fall 5 year trend reports: by program, by department, by College/School 
Spring 5 year trend reports: by program, by department, by College/School

FTES Generation & Consumption Trends

FTES Generated and Consumed by College and Level: FY 1312111009080706
Enrollment and FTES Trend Reports:
by ProgramFull-time/Part-time by Level

FTES Matrix: Fall 1312111009080706, Fiscal Year 13121110090807

FTES Generated by Course:

FTES Generated by Course Level, 5 Year Trends
FTES Generated by College and Course Level:
   Fall 13121110090807
   Spring 13121110090807

Degrees Awarded

University-wide report: Degrees Awarded by College/School, Gender, Ethnicity and Level:  2012-20132011-20122010-112009-102008-092007-082006-072005-062004-052003-042002-03

Stockton campus report: 
Degrees Awarded by college/School and Gender: 2012-20132011-20122010-112009-102008-092007-082006-072005-06, 2004-052003-042002-032001-02,  2000-01
Degrees Awarded by College/School and Ethnicity: 
2012-20132011-20122010-112009-102008-092007-082006-072005-062004-052003-042002-032001-02,  2000-01

Faculty & Staff

Instructional Faculty - Instructional faculty includes all paid individuals whose primary role at Pacific is instruction or research. This does not include non-paid adjunct faculty. 2012201120102009200820072006200520042003

Full-Time Instructional Faculty by primary Academic Unit: 2012201120102009200820072006200520042003

Staff - This report includes all individuals whose primary appointment is in the administration or staff. 20112010200920082007

Courses: by Credit Level, by Day/Time, by Size, by Time of Day