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Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management is a crucial element of planning for Pacific's growth: setting and meeting the goal of assembling a student body that comprises a predetermined and advantageous mix of students in terms of quality, number and diversity in all its forms.
The following reports help in the discussion and decision making of the Enrollment Management Team (EMT) that focuses on what is best for Pacific in terms of student success, increasing enrollment numbers and stabilizing institutional revenues while staying aligned with Pacific's Strategic Plan, Pacific 2020.
Please note that these reports are for internal use, so opening requires the user to provide their PacificNet ID and password.

There are four main reporting areas for Enrollment Management:

Admission reports: these reports contain the current 
Registration Count reports: these reports show the current semester's registration headcounts. Reports are updated daily and/or weekly.
Enrollment reports: these reports have the official enrollment numbers for each semester or academic year. The numbers are reflecting the freeze date headcounts.
Retention and Graduation Rate reports:
Enrollment Projections