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Greg Alston ’77: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Feb 5, 2014

On a daily basis we encounter individuals who have different personalities which may make work difficult sometimes. It is especially challenging when you are the boss or dealing with a difficult boss. Gregory Alston '77 recently wrote his book titled The BossHole Effect,Three Simple Steps Anyone Can Follow to Become a Great Boss and Lead a Successful Team which provides guidelines on how to use this challenge as an opportunity.

Based on his 35 years of experience operating retail and independent pharmacies, Alston says this book is about "how not to be a BossHole." In addition to his pharmacy management experience, Alston also coached softball for 10 years. Many of the examples in the book will refer back to his interactions as a coach. He is also a professor and has taught management courses to student pharmacists. It is this mentorship role that inspired him to write the book "to help these young folks learn how to treat people well so that they can become great bosses rather than BossHoles."

"The BossHole Effect is the ability of this boss to cause their team to disengage and perform less than stellar work. The chapters walk a person through the process of becoming a great leader. Each chapter includes three big ideas that can be implemented by anyone to begin acting like a good leader which will eventually cause you to become one," said Alston.

Alston also developed a rating tool to help you determine if your boss is a BossHole. Find it here:

The book was rated as number seven on the Amazon Best Seller list for books in the field of Management Science and continues to receive good reviews on other websites such as goodreads and Readers Favorite with numerous five star ratings.

Prior to publishing this book, Alston was a book editor for McGraw-Hill on Pharmacy Management Third Edition in which he wrote two chapters. Other publications included articles in academic journals such as his original theorem, The Relative Value Theory, but Alston says his very first publication was a poem called Stream which was published in a book of poetry at Pacific.

Next in the works is a book he and his wife, June Alston '77, plan to write together. It will be a fiction series titled Tony's Tavern based on their forty plus years together and will feature "an apprentice angel loosely based on my father who has this unique blend of pithy brilliance but the inability to keep away from the ladies. He has been sent back to earth to try to overcome his human frailty and earn his way back to heaven but just can't seem to do what he's told."

Alston is the Assistant Dean for Assessment at Wingate University and serves as the Pharmacy Manager for the Matthews Free Medical Clinic in Matthews, North Carolina. He and his wife are parents to Jeffery and Valerie who Alston said helped him write his book.

To learn about his book visit his blog for the book at Keep up with Alston at or find him on Youtube at:

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