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Environmental Studies

Welcome to the Environmental Studies Program at University of the Pacific. We use an interdisciplinary approach to study humanity's relationship with the environment. We approach environmental issues from a range of perspectives, ranging from economics and ethics to sciences, humanities, and the law, in order to understand and improve the way we relate to the rest of the natural world. The program welcomes students from all backgrounds who share our passion for the environment. 

Environmental Studies draws on classes from 14 different departments to help students master the basics of social science, natural science, and humanities approaches to understanding complex environmental issues. Our graduates bridge the gap between the sciences and policy makers and the public to set environmental priorities and develop the best approaches to address environmental problems.

Graduates can find employment as environmental analysts, educators, forest rangers, monitoring technicians, sustainability coordinators, corporate social responsibility officers or similar positions, and students may go on to get advanced degrees in ecology, environmental studies, business, or law. A major in Environmental Studies help students pair their passion for the environment with the training they need for a rewarding career doing what they love.

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