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Reminder regarding notice to employee salary agreement form requirements

Human Resources Memo--Notice to Employee Form [Calif. Labor Code section 2810.5(a)]
Jan 17, 2014

Effective January 1, 2012, California Labor Code section 2810.5(a) requires that Salary Information and Workers' Compensation Information be provided to all new, non-exempt employees (this includes students) and/or new non-exempt job assignments, at time of hire, including any salary changes.  The law requires that we have a signed notice within seven calendar days of hire date.

Process to follow when submitting a new employment authorization (EA) that requires a Notice to Employee Salary form:

  • Complete the top portion of the notice with the employee's name, Job Effective date, I.D. number, Department, and Position number. 
  • Complete their hourly rate of straight time pay and the overtime rate of pay (Rate x 1.5). 
  • If they are new and do not have a 98#, you can leave blank. 
  • If you do not know their position number, you can leave blank.  (As long as it is attached to the EA, we can fill in the position number). 
  • The employee must read and sign the letter disclosing their salary and worker's compensation Information.
  • The supervisor must date and sign also. 
  • Please make sure your employee receives a copy of the salary notice.Return to Human Resources Dept.

To recap, a Notice of Salary form is needed when:

  1. New job or new position, (non-exempt)
  2. Renewing a position with a gap of employment
  3. Any Salary Change

Download Notice to Employee Salary Agreement form>>

Exceptions, do not need if:

  • Switching from FWS to DPT or vice versa and pay rate stays the same.
  • If EA is extending same job with same pay rate and no gap in employment.
  • Union position.
  • Exempt position. 

Contact information for questions regarding this form or process:

Stockton campus:

Leticia Corona, 209.946.7440, for Students and Temp/Casuals
Patrice Coss, 209.946.7451, for Faculty and GA's
Cari Keller, 209.946.2126, for Staff

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