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Geological and Environmental Sciences
Laura Rademacher
Department Chair
Pacific Geosciences Center
1051 West Mendocino Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

Sigma Gamma Epsilon

SGEEta Upsilon Chapter
Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the National Honor Society for the Earth Sciences. The Eta Upsilon Chapter was established at the University of the Pacific by the students and faculty of the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences in 2008. Membership in SGE recognizes scholarship and professionalism in the Earth Sciences. Its objectives are the scholastic, scientific, and professional advancement of its members and the extension of relations of friendship and assistance among colleges and universities which are devoted to the advancement of the Earth Sciences. Any person who has completed at least 10 units in Earth Science courses and has maintained a minimum GPA (3.0 in GEOS courses and 2.7 overall) is qualified for membership. Membership in SGE tells a prospective employer or a colleague that your peers recognize your academic excellence and that you are professionally motivated.

W.A. Tarr Award
The W. A. Tarr Award was first announced in March, 1949 and has been the annual award of the Society of Sigma Gamma Epsilon since that time.  W. A. Tarr was the Grand Editor of The Compass from May 1920 when the first issue was printed until the time of his death in 1939.  It was largely through his efforts that The Compass became a success. The W.A Tarr Award is awarded annually to an outstanding member of the chapter every spring at the Earth Science Spring Banquet.

Reasons to Join
Membership in Sigma Gamma Epsilon tells prospective employers and colleagues that you are a strong, professionally motivated student. Members serve their departments in a number of ways such as organizing field trips, tutoring, arranging displays, etc. Many chapters have money-raising activities to obtain funds to use for scholarships or awards or to purchase items needed for student use which the department cannot afford. Membership also includes subscription to a professional journal, The Compass. Members of Sigma Gamma Epsilon are encouraged to submit articles to this highly respected journal, as it provides the opportunity to share your research with the society. As an associated society of the Geological Society of America, Sigma Gamma Epsilon members are entitled to GSA-member rates for registration at national and regional meetings and for purchase of GSA publications.


  1. Declared major or minor in any branch of the Earth Sciences
  2. Completed 10 semester hours in Earth Science Courses
  3. Maintain a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. (on a 4.0 system) in all Earth Science courses
  4. Maintain a minimum 2.67 G.P.A. in all college courses

Becoming A Member

  1. Complete the Initiate Application
  2. Upon completion of the application, you will receive an email indicating if you have been approved
  3. If approved, turn in a copy of the acceptance letter with the indicated initiation fee
  4. An officer of Gamma Sigma chapter will propose you for membership at a regular meeting. A majority vote is required by the chapter members on your application to approve it. The vote is taken to assure that in the eyes of the members you have demonstrated your interest in the profession by participation in your department's activities.
  5. Attend Initiation to complete the induction process

Quality Chapter Award
The Quality Chapter Award is designed to recognize chapters for achieving excellence by providing a quality program to its members by accomplishing the criteria listed below.  Any chapter that meets all the qualifications is automatically eligible for the Quality Chapter Award annually.  Chapters will receive a certificate the following June and be recognized on the Sigma Gamma Epsilon website. Requirements for the Quality Chapter Award:

  • A President, Vice-President-Historian, Corresponding Secretary-Editor (Secretary), Secretary-Treasurer (Treasurer) are elected annually.
  • The Officer form is fully completed and submitted electronically to SGE by November 1st.
  • If you are initiating new members in the fall, the New Initiate form must be fully completed with BOTH an electronic and paper copy with initiate fees and dues submitted to the national office by November 1st.  (Please submit the electronic copy to SGE.
  • If you are initiating new members in the spring, the New Initiate form must be fully completed with BOTH an electronic and paper copy with initiate fees and dues submitted to the national office by March 15th.  (Please submit the electronic copy to SGE.
  • For returning  members, the Returning Member form must be fully completed with BOTH an electronic and paper copy with dues submitted to the national office by November 1st  (Please submit the electronic copy to SGE. Please note that there are no partial dues for returning members.
  • Correct amount of dues (and initiate fees if applicable) is submitted in one check or money order (Please combine initiate fees and dues in one check).
  • Advisor is a dues-paying Associate or Active Alumni Member of SGE, or a Life Member of the Society.
  • Application for Tarr Award submitted online or postmarked by April 1st.
  • One service project must be completed by your chapter during the academic year (August 15th - May 1st).  The Service Project form must be completed and submitted by May 15th  to SGE.