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The Indispensable Lynch Pin

Understand why it is crucial to be relevant in today's competitive work environment. Become that indispensable LynchPin your organization can't live without by being the giver, the domain knowledge expert and the artist.

Join us during this three session series as we explore what the crucial abilities of the Lynchpin are and how to apply them daily in your work environment.  

The Essential Piece

Learning Objectives

Be relevant in your role at Pacific. The Indispensable LynchPin series is designed to help staff understand: 

  • Why average became unacceptable
  • The New Work Environment
  • Overcoming the Resistance
  • Powerful Culture of Giving & Emotional Labor
  • Being an Artist At Work and Creating Your Own Map
  • Securing your place in your organization


"The Indispensable LynchPin" is a three course series offered through Learning + Development 

Who Should Attend?

Mainly suitable for people who supervise others and are interested in developing their management style, improving staff performance, and building a successful team. New managers will gain valuable skills and fresh perspectives regarding their duties as a manager. Experienced managers will brush up their skills and have opportunities to share their best practices with others


Log into myLearning and view the Schedule to find "The Indispensable LynchPin".  Register for the first course of the series and the remaining courses will be added to your enrollments.

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Your Trainer

Hector Escalante

Hector Escalante
earning + Development Program Manager

Hector works with managers, individuals and teams to implement strategies
for increased effectiveness and productivity.