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Microsoft Office Suite

These useful Microsoft Office Series available to Pacific faculty and staff. Take one or all courses to take your skills to the next level. 

During these sessions of three hands-on courses per Microsoft program (Word, Excel, Access, and more) you will gain valuable tools and techniques taught by a Microsoft Certified Professional.  Reduce stress and improve your job performance by applying this time-saving, productivity-boosting software to your job.

Microsoft Office Suite

Learning Objectives

Technology in the workplace is essential to maximizing efficiency in any role. Learn about the available Microsoft programs applicable to making your job easier and experience training with a Microsoft Certified Professional, learn valuable techniques and take your skills to the next level. View Series information below for available offerings.


Each Microsoft program series consists of three courses offered through Learning + Development.

Access Getting Started 1 - Learn the basics database design, creating tables, and when to use Access over Excel Access Getting Started 2 - Dive into table relationships and building queries, including sort, filter, and more Access Getting Started 3 - Create a user interface (form) that makes data easy to read and keep organized
Access Intermediate 1 - Learn detailed table properties and their features to create a sustainable database Access Intermediate 2 - Build more complex queries including INSERT and UPDATE , GROUP BY, and table JOINs Access Intermediate 3 - Enhance your forms using programming (VBA) to make them even more powerful
Excel Intermediate 1 - Basic math, simple functions, order of operations, making an invoice, creating charts Excel Intermediate 2 - pivot Tables, the IF function, absolute references, percent calculations, and more Excel Intermediate 3 - Locking a worksheet, password protection, creating pull-down menus, data-entry assistance
Excel Advanced 1 - More difficult functions including SUMIF, AND/OR, and formula auditing and fixing Excel Advanced 2 - Text manipulation including concatenation, LEFT/MID/RIGHT, date formats, and more Excel Advanced 3 - Work with macros to finish repetitive tasks, and troubleshooting using VBA
Outlook Intermediate 1 - Learn the best techniques related to email management and keep your inbox clean Outlook Intermediate 2 - Get a handle on your tasks and to-do list using Outlook's time-management features Outlook Intermediate 3 - Do more faster with shortcuts and time-saving techniques you won't want to miss
Word Intermediate 1 - Page layout, styles, creating templates, automatic table of contents, shortcuts, and more Word Intermediate 2 - Borders, headers and footers, text boxes and photos, text-wrapping, useful features Word Intermediate 3 -Tracking changes, commenting and collaboration, creating a form, using tables, tab stops





















Who Should Attend?

Pacific faculty and staff who use Microsoft Office who are familiar with the programs who are interested in brushing up their technique, becoming familiar with a newer version of the program, want to learn new technology skills to improve their work performance. 


Log into myLearning and view the Schedule to find what specific Microsoft Office program series is currently available.  Register for each of the courses individually or all three separately to complete the series.

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Your Trainer

David Diskin

David Diskin
icrosoft Certified Professional

David Diskin is a certified Microsoft Office Master, and works to help others become more efficient with software. He has been using Microsoft Office since 1995, honing his skills in each application for "real world" use through training, consulting, and development.