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Manager Survival Kit

Learning + Development in the Office of Assessment, Training, & Technology is excited to launch a new Manager Survival Kit Program with the ability to obtain up to four management certificates geared toward Pacific faculty & staff in a supervisory/management role.

For details about this learning opportunity, contact Learning + Development 209.946.2097.
Manager Survival Kit


  • Overview 

    The program is broken down into four sets of five courses that deal with practical real-life issues and situations managers deal with on a daily basis. Each session is designed to dive into one topic that specifically relates to managers and their challenges. The sessions will be conversation-based with an emphasis in application of managerial skills. Participants may attend one or all of the sessions. Participants can earn a quarterly certificate for participating in four out of the five sessions, and a comprehensive program certificate for obtaining all four quarterly certificates.

  • Learning Objectives 

    Participants will be better equipped to link goals with results and facilitate the flow of work. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the managerial practice as it relates to them in their workplace. Participants will also gain insight from their peers and develop a managerial community of practice. Benefits of the program include:

    • Build a manager survival kit by engaging in training specifically designed to help make positive impacts on business results
    • Share best-practices and collaborate with other Pacific managers
    • Participate in convenient one hour sessions
    • Gain practical tools to make your job easier
  • Topics 

    The Manager Survival Kit Program consists of four opportunities to obtain a management certificate.  Each certificate requires participation in four of five one-hour courses in each module.  The module certificates and course topics are:

    Module 1 | Getting Started:

    1. Management in Modern Times
    2. What's Expected of You
    3. Managing & Improving Your Reputation
    4. Your Management A-B Boxes
    5. Your Management Filter

    Module 2 | Department Alignment &
    Preparing for Performance Appraisals:

    1. Results-Oriented Responses
    2. Knowing When to Say "No"    
    3. Mind Your Metrics!   
    4. The Art of Employee One-on-Ones
    5. Aligning Your Dept. for Success

    Module 3 | Productivity & Communication:

    1. Communicating Expectations
    2. Encouraging Collaboration
    3. Meetings That Rock
    4. Mastering Your Time
    5. The Art of Planning

    Module 4 | Leadership & Excellence:

    1. Defining Excellence
    2. Your Leadership Legacy
    3. Enlivening Minds at Work
    4. Grand Slam Home Runs
    5. Internal Service Excellence

  • Who Should Attend 

    The program sessions have been designed for any Pacific manager/supervisor who oversees staff.  It will benefit those interested in enhancing their overall management skills, improving business performance, creating a productive workplace and organizational culture, as well as, the ability to lead and motivate others. 

  • Registration 

    The convenient one hour courses are beneficial to take individually, for a certificate or for the complete Manager Survival Kit Program credit.

    Program Fees:

    All courses are offered through Learning + Development for the Manager Survival Kit Program are available to Pacific employees at no cost.


    Register today at myLearning for each or all courses you are interested in and you will receive a confirmation email with a link to add to your calendar.

    Register at myLearning


    This program can be started at any time.  One set of five courses to obtain a certificate will be available each quarter.  Timeline completion for all four certificates and/or the complete Manager Survival Kit Program is one year.