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Philanthropy Week 2013: Tigers Supporting Tigers

If you're a Pacific student, you've been touched by philanthropy, from renovated classrooms and financial aid to beakers and basketballs. Join us for first ever Philanthropy Week as we join together to say, "Thanks for giving," and also to pay it forward-contributing to scholarship funds to enable life-changing experiences for the next generation of Pacific Tigers. This week is not about how much you give, it's about being part of something bigger than yourself.

Pacific's First Ever Philanthropy Week: April 1-5, 2013

Monday: Awareness Day | Your Pacific experience would not be possible without the generosity of our donors. Everything from spaces on campus to materials in the classrooms are a result of gifts made to Pacific. Take a look at donor and Pacific Fund grant recipient profile signs and bright orange bows around campus and learn how students benefit from outstanding donor support. Each bow adorns a special gift to the University, read the bow tag to learn more about the donor and what motivated them to give.

Tuesday: Appreciation Day | Take part in Thank-a-thon, and give a nod to someone who enabled part of your Pacific experience-from renovated classrooms and new materials to scholarships and professional experiences. Share your thanks by stopping by the De Rosa University Center from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to write notes to donors. Not sure what to write? Use Philanthropy Week signs and tables tents around campus for ideas.

Wednesday: Participation Day | Show our support to all the faculty and staff who are current donors to University of the Pacific. Bring a "Thank You" balloon to each faculty and staff donor. Take a photo with the faculty/staff donor you thanked and give them a shout out via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all three! @UOPacific #tigerssupportingtigers

Thursday: Celebration Day | Celebrate 161 years of philanthropy with your fellow students from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in The Lair for the Tiger Gift Campaign Launch Party - hosted by Adam Ellison '08, former ASUOP President , Alumni Association Board Member, and Pacific Fund Leadership Council Chair. The President will announce her formal acceptance of the Tiger Gift Campaign Challenge and reveal her teammates.

Friday: Campaign Day | Special ask for Seniors: Pacific made a promise to you that in 4-years you would earn a degree, we challenge you to return that promise and make a 4-year pledge to Pacific to give $20 each year. All other class years: Support your fellow and Tigers, both current and future, by making a one-time gift of $20 to the Tiger Gift Campaign.