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Fall 2012 - Metamorphosis

Reynolds Gallery Fall 2012

Metamorphosis: Student Juried Exhibition
November 26 - December 7, 2012
Reception November 30, 2012

The Reynolds Gallery presents Metamorphosis, a student-juried competition and exhibition featuring works by current Pacific students. Three first place awards for two-dimensional, three-dimensional and video categories of entries are announced at the November 30th reception.

Metamorphosis centralizes on the theme of change, which can be exemplified in material transformation, emotional catharsis, directional alteration and other permutations of any form of change. Because of the open-ended nature of the theme, Metamorphosis, it was chosen at the subject of this exhibition.

While using the medium of their own choosing, this exhibition inspires students to interpret unrestrained by defined limits, the theme of metamorphosis. Many artworks included in the show demonstrate the concept that original materials used, have been transformed into a new form entirely. Multiple sculptures are constructed of recycled computer parts, transformed into large sculptures such as a fish bowl, or a rotary phone.

Student work chosen for Metamorphosis include drawing, traditional and digital painting, found objects, photography and video. Additionally, artworks by the jurors seniors form the Studio Arts Seminar class, are incorporated into the exhibit.

Jurors for this exhibition are Pacific Studio Art seniors:

Jenna Chaplin

Jessica Fong

Francisco Gallardo

Emily Grant

Jamie Hee

Jonel Imutan

Eric Koester

Paige Logdson

Karen Obligacion

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