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University of the Pacific Libraries

University Library
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

What was Muir thinking?

Holt-Atherton Special Collections is the home to the largest collection of John Muir material in the world and includes 78 of Muir's personal journals. Though the journals have been digitized, only a few have been transcribed - they can be viewed online, but are not keyword searchable.

Word-for-word transcriptions open up many more possibilities for researchers and the general public to find, read, and understand Muir's thoughts as he experienced them. It also facilitates online searching to locate information by specific topics. Volunteers can transcribe an entire journal or even just a single page. Even transcribing one or two pages increases the discoverability for historians, Muir enthusiasts, students, or anyone searching the internet.


We thank the following for transcribing Muir's words: John Dalbey, Julie Dunlap, Robin Imhof, Cathy Ivers, Laurel Klafehn, Heather Olson, Stephanie LeMenager, Dan Styer, Bill Wadsworth, Sheryl Wurtz, Raj Hajela, John Ame, Sally Lochowski Tanaka, Cassandra Birch, Alex Rooney, David Mees, Christopher Walker, Lydia Schramm, Vy Pham, Elana Duenas, Sarah Kuo, Cabral Chhuop, Emilia Perez, Cameron Crocker, Rebecca Su, Adam Zittel, Kimi Acoba-Samfong, Michele Gonzalez, Sarah Yung, Simon Choi, Kacy Herald, Charles Watkins, Bianca Ellis, Tiffanie Tran, Josh Emmons, Sukhman Sandhi, Emily Olson, Christine Amistad, Neil Reiher, Hannan Hawari, Edna Rush, Andrew Choi, Katz Ortega, Soda-Soth, Emma Fonseca, Salina, Julia Quesada, Michael Fisher, Gracie Smith, Cory Gilpin, Janet Crum, Brandon Raidoo, Tyler Reardon, Keenan Whyte, Ivan Mier, Elise Nolan, Marco Rojas, Robert Montanez, Alexandar Montgomery, Julian Galves, Alyssa Rodriguez, Louis Sosa, Bob Hare, Kathy Ikeda, Sheila Abdallah, Charlie Kirby, Robert Fandrich, Marissa Vossmer, Larry Fish, Phyllis Berger, Nancy Zane, Susan Christ, Donna Endsley, Polly Robinson, Jennifer Schooley, Sherry Vescera, Robs Muir, Catherine Schuler Sawyer, Sandy Giudici, Mary Olsson Mello, Sabrina Foster, Sue Christensen, Diana L. Moreno, Christina Irvin, Joanne Young, Gina Maxwell, Shirley Kobrin, Ann Marie Mangini, Chris Harvey, Ray McAlister, Sasha Barish, Jason Ferrier, Charles Boedeker, Gregg Littell, Jennifer Gainey, Crystal Replogle, Dasha Bulatov, Matthew Craig, Alan Scotch, Karen MacDonald, Andrea Betts, Amy Wilson, Ellie Arguimbau, Nicole Ver, Jill Micheau, Dorene E. Perkins, Mary Zimmerman, J. Panter, Nicole Law, Gayle Wattawa, Suzanne LeRoy, Douglas E. Powell, Esq., Meridith L. Murray, David Henderson, Hannah Dutton, Brian Stowe, Nathan Stowe, Jeremy Wallace, Randy Baker, Lee Davenport, Rachel Filippelli, Julia Zupfer, Alexandar Sanchez, Gissella Maltos, James Lyons, Mario Tosqui, Andrew Pepper, Robin Morris, Jorge Just, R. Ann Bliss, Sage Williams, Jessica Hayden, Langdon Moss, Rob Martin, Cynthia Smith, Wenda Gorman, Martin Griffith, Brian Rafferty, Chris Highland,  Anne Lewis, Vivian Parker, Laurie Glover, and maybe you...