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Decades of Giving

Dear Fellow Tigers,

As students at Pacific preparing for a career in physical therapy, you may remember being given the opportunity to attend various physical therapy conventions. Today the class of 2016 is excited to be following in your footsteps. As a second-year student I will have many opportunities to grow as a physical therapist, including attending the annual American Physical Therapists Combines Sections Meeting in February.

The Combined Sections Meeting allowed us to expand our knowledge and network with experts in the field. I was very excited to represent the University of the Pacific as the Class of 2016 at this meeting.
I am asking you to help contribute to our professional development as physical therapists. It is our goal to continue the tradition of sending future Pacific physical therapy students to the Combined Sections Meeting.

Thank you for your consideration!  For more information, please contact Susan Webster at 209.946.3116 or


Naina Batra '16
Decade Sponsorship Representative