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Green Office Certification Program

Pacific's Green Office Certification Program is a framework for implementing and assimilating sustainable workspaces. The program serves as an opportunity for offices to maintain Pacific's commitment to sustainability. Participating the Green Office Certification Programs demonstrates responsible leadership and is a pragmatic response to addressing environmental and social issues.

Interested in your office becoming Green Office Certified? It's an easy, fast and informative process! Read through the process below, check out our Green Office Certification check sheet by clicking on the Sustaining Pacific logo below and send us an email at
expressing your interest!


Click on the Sustaining Pacific Button to download the application:      


The Process:
The Green Office Certification (GOC) process is quite simple and has numerous benefits. The process begins with your office filling out a Green Office Certification form, which details specific sustainable practices your office can be awarded points for. Tasks are grouped by the following categories: waste management, purchasing, energy, transportation, events and entertainment, and break room/kitchen. Tasks with a more significant impact corresponds to higher amount of awarded points.

The point breakdown in the GOC Checklist is as follows:

Certified - 1 point per task
Certified PLUS - 2 points per task
Advanced - 3 points per task

Certification levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) are determined by the total point value your office accumulates on the form.

Bronze (Certified): 1-37 points
Silver (Certified-PLUS): 38-63 points
Gold (Advanced): 64-104 points

After the Green Office Certification form is completed, a Green Office Certification team member will be making an on-site visit to ensure that all deserved points are being accounted for and to see if there are any simple changes that can be made to guarantee the most points possible!

Becoming Green Office certified benefits not only your office, but also the greater Pacific community. Upon being granted your certification, your office will receive a sticker designated Bronze, Silver, or Gold to display in your office window. Sustaining Pacific will also be publishing a list of Green Certified Offices on our webpage and completing an announcement through Inside Pacific.  Additionally, Green Office certified members will also obtain the following benefits:

·         EcoClams and Calaveras Coffee Cups (all levels)
·         Eco-conscious gift basket & all above (Silver and above)
·         Honorary Luncheon & all above (Gold)