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Bon Appetit is the exclusive caterer for University of the Pacific's Stockton campus, as well as for the McGeorge School of Law (J. Standfield Catering Co. is the exclusive catering provider for the Dugoni School of Dentistry). Per the University's contract with Bon Appetit, "The exclusivity provisions of the contract cover all facilities and lawns on the Stockton Campus except the Alex and Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House (in which they are the preferred caterer) and areas overseen by Athletics (e.g. Amos Alonzo Stagg Stadium and the Alex G. Spanos Center).  An external catering company may not perform work in a covered facility on the Stockton Campus without the express written permission of the Bon Appétit General Manager."

If a student organization using an index code wishes is spending less than $250 for food, they may independently source the food for their event.
                Examples: Pizza for a club meeting from a local pizza parlor
                                Chips and sodas for a party, picked up from the grocery store

However, at no point may students use a full-service caterer other than Bon Appetit. If student organizations plan to spend more than $250 on food for an event, they must contact Bon Appetit General Manager Sia Mohsenzadegan to discuss their catering needs A complete catering policy for student organizations can be found in the most recent edition of Tiger Lore.

**Please Note:  This exception is available only to recognized student organizations and does not apply to the University's offices, departments, or schools. Furthering catering policy information can be found here.

Timeline, Costs, and Additional Information

The cost of food for your event, as well as the time to process the order, will vary from project to project. It is essential that you contact Bon Appetit Catering as soon as you know the date of your event in order to determine the extent of your catering needs. For further information regarding catering, as well as full, express, and seasonal catering menus, please visit Bon Appetit at University of the Pacific.