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Event Publicity

Posters and Flyers

Whether it's a simple black-and-white flyer or a glossy, full-color broadsheet, posters are one of the most common ways to advertise for events on campus. You can pursue several different options when it comes to designing and printing posters for your event.

  • The Office of Marketing and Communications: While our office is always happy to highlight campus happenings, we cannot design advertising materials for every event, due to the sheer volume of events held at Pacific every year. If your event looks like it may draw a large audience, or features a distinguished guest speaker, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for information on our design and publicity services. Please note, the Office of Marketing and Communications does not provide promotional materials for most social events (dances, student philanthropy socials, etc).
  • ASuop Graphic Design: The graphic design gurus at ASuop Graphic Design provide graphic design services for student organizations, free of charge. A minimum of two weeks' notice is required for a design request; for more information, please visit ASuop Graphic Design.
  • Duplicating: The Duplicating/Copy Center can provide limited design services, as well as a full range of color and black-and-white printing services.

Social Media

Setting up a Facebook event page is a quick and easy way to spread the word regarding your event; however, don't rely solely on social media for publicity. Make sure that your social media event coverage is part of a comprehensive advertising campaign, and that your social media messaging and imagery matches any printed materials you have displayed around campus.

Campus TV and Radio

KPAC Radio and PAC2TV are the student-run broadcasting channels for radio and television. Advertising packages are available, offering campus-wide exposure for your event. For more information, including rate quotes, please visit the KPAC homepage.
ProwlTV, which broadcasts in the DeRosa University Center, hosts a team of student designers who can create video advertisements and digital banner ads; the team also offers videography services, digital advertisement and other campus marketing services. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for design completion. For more information, visit the ProwlTV Facebook page, or send them an email.

Print Advertising

The Pacifican, the University's student newspaper, sells advertising space in their weekly publication. For more information regarding space and rates, please contact The Pacifican advertising team at 209.946.2193, or via email at

Event Signage

It may be helpful to have campus signage that guides people to parking and your event site on the day of your event.  Conference Services offers event and directional signage packages to meet a diverse array of budget and needs; please visit this page or contact Conference Services at 209.932.2844 for more information.