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Election Process

S.A.C. representatives are elected by their peers and serve constituent groups within their divisions, both exempt and non-exempt staff in grades 11-19, with each representative serving no more than 40 staff members. Prior to the election, the constituent list is reviewed by division/campus for constituent count/designation of non-exempt and exempt status so that accurate positions are listed for open elections. Representatives serve 2-year terms with terms staggered so that only half the council rotates off in a given year. The role of the representative is to communicate with the constituent group regarding staff issues and S.A.C. activities carried out on their behalf, as well as, to represent constituent concerns at S.A.C. meetings. 

Election Process

Consists of the nomination period followed by the election period. Any staff member can nominate representatives and S.A.C. Executive Board Members. All staff members are allowed to vote for representatives and results for the representative elections are communicated at the last S.A.C. meeting of the academic year in May. For S.A.C. Executive Board Members, only current representatives are allowed to vote and the open election period is typically at the end of May with results for the S.A.C. Executive Board Members being communicated during the summer S.A.C. retreat.  

2019 S.A.C. Open Election Positions

Submit your 2019 S.A.C. nominations here!

Position Available Seat(s)
2019-2021 Representative: Business & Finance - Exempt 2
2019-2021 Representative: Business & Finance - Non-Exempt 1
2019-2021 Representative: Pacific Technology - Exempt 1
2019-2021 Representative: Pacific Technology - Non-Exempt 2
2019-2021 Representative: President - Exempt 1
2019-2021 Representative: Provost - Exempt 1
2019-2021 Representative: Provost - Non-Exempt 4
2019-2021 Representative: Sacramento Campus - Exempt 1
2019-2021 Representative: Sacramento Campus - Non-Exempt 1
2019-2021 Representative: Student Life - Exempt 1
2019-2021 Representative: Student Life - Non-Exempt 1

S.A.C Annual Executive Board Positions

S.A.C. Chair-Elect * 2-year term, 1st year as Chair-Elect and 2nd year to serve as Chair
S.A.C. Treasurer
S.A.C. Secretary
S.A.C. Communication Chair