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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Emergency Communication Plan

Report an Emergency - 209.946.3911 (63911 from University phones) 
University Emergency Website - During an emergency, this site will provide up-to-date information
Register for PacificCONNECT - Pacific's emergency messaging system for students and employees

The University of the Pacific has an Emergency Notification System (ENS) with multi‐channel communication capabilities. Pacific Connect is intended to rapidly disseminate emergency information on an incident, and provide instructions to the Stockton campus population in Stockton, California. The protocols outline the emergency notification process and organization. The purpose of these guidelines is to establish the process for activating Pacific Connect. The notification system is activated when a threat or emergency situation is reported to the University of the Pacific Department of Public Safety or to another Responsible University Authority operating within their direct area of responsibility and directly involved with the emergency response for a safety‐and‐security incident at Pacific. Authorizing decision‐making at the operational response level enables Pacific to disseminate rapid and responsible emergency information to the campus population.

The process for activating the Pacific Connect begins when a threat or emergency situation is reported to the Department of Public Safety or to another University of the Pacific Authority. Authority. When the threat is confirmed or emergency situations exists that require Immediate or urgent notification, Department of Public Safety Personnel will notify one or all of the above listed authorities. If the threat is imminent (i.e. active shooter, fire) the Department of Public Safety personnel will make the initial activation. After the initial alert, one of the above authorities will take over the responsibility of initiating further alerts.

In the event of a threat or emergency in which the Pacific Connect Authority is not yet at the incident and/or for which specialized technical knowledge is required, the Pacific Connect Authority may authorize the Public Safety dispatcher to issue the message. The Pacific Connect Authority may confirm the threat and authorize the message with emergency safety instructions.  If the Pacific Connect Authority is trained in and has direct access to the Pacific Connect system, the Pacific Connect Authority or designee may issue the message if necessary.

The system may be used to alert the campus when any part of the infrastructure is inoperable which affects the quality of life for the campus community. These alerts will be limited to emails and text messaging.