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EPAF Information

Welcome to the new Electronic Personnel Action Forms!


Effective July 1, 2013, this new web-based system allows each department to process their employment authorizations electronically through Inside Pacific. All the information that would normally be written on the paper form will be entered through the EPAF process. EPAF is simple, concise, and allow data to default into manual data entry.

Through EPAF, each department is able to originate transactions for all workers under its umbrella. Below are a list of forms and instructions related to this process.

Chart of Accounts (T) EPAF Guides & Updates 2020:

New Chart T - Org & Labor Distribution EPAF Guide

 New Chart T - Old & New Position Account Codes

New Chart T - Stipend Earn Codes 

EPAF Guides & User Forms:

Guide to EPAFs 

 What is Needed to Complete an EPAF

 How to Put a Grant Position on EPAF

 How to Process a FWS Position on EPAF

 Query Date Guide

 Salary Notice to Employee Memo

 Salary Notice to Employee Form

 Budget Analyst Assignments

 Security Access to HR EPAF Application

 Approval Queue Cheat Sheet

Preview Guide to EPAFs with Banner HR

EPAF Approver and Originator Summary

Contact Information:

Human Resources: 209-946-2124

Dylan Bacon - HR Manager

Maria Mayorga - Faculty and Staff

Guadalupe Morales - Students, Graduate Assistants and Temp Casuals