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    Office of the President
    University of the Pacific
    3601 Pacific Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95211

    Focusing on our Future Process Overview

    The main goal of Focusing on Our Future is for every academic program or administrative unit at the University to reflect on the effectiveness of its efforts and their contribution to Pacific's mission, strategic vision and excellence. To this end, all academic programs and administrative units will complete a self-study, whether they offer academic degree programs, provide student services, offer co-curricular learning opportunities, reach out to the community, or provide administrative services that help students, external constituents and/or one another.

    In addition to a broad review of programs, activities and services, the University also seeks to identify reallocation funds to create a $15 million base budget Strategic Investment Fund to pay for new initiatives or enhance current activities (for which $2 million has already been identified, bringing the total the divisions will contribute to $13 million).

    Note that the University's program review schedule will be put on hold for 2013-2014 so that all units can concentrate on the Focusing on Our Future process. Program review will be pushed back one year; programs that were slated to go through program review in 2013-2014 will move to 2014-2015. (At the Provost's or relevant Vice President's discretion, some administrative units may complete ongoing reviews in the 2013-14 academic year.) Please also note that the Focusing on Our Future reports will replace units' annual reports for 2013-14.

    Academic and administrative activities at the university have been divided into three categories:

    • Administrative units
    • Three-city administrative units
    • Academic programs

    The list of activities that will be reviewed is included in the Program List.

    Each of the three groups will follow a slightly different review process:

    • Administrative Unit Review (view detailed Administrative Unit Review Process)
      (summer - fall 2013)
      Each administrative unit conducts a self-review of its operations and effectiveness. The Provost and Vice Presidents review the unit reports and recommend unit changes.
    • Three-city Administrative Review (view detailed Three-city Review Process)
      (summer - fall 2013)
      Review teams produce reports for selected administrative functions that cross over all three campuses (e.g. HR, IT, Communications, etc.)
    • Academic Planning and Alignment (view detailed Academic Planning and Allignment Process)
      (late fall 2013)
      Academic programs and select centers, institutes and clinics produce reports on effectiveness and impact of their programs. In spring 2014, the deans will use the reports to help guide school/College strategic planning.

    Administrative and academic reviews will be used to inform recommended actions for each program, activity and service (e.g., enhance, maintain, reduce, eliminate, etc.). Recommendations for action will roll up from the unit head (unit manager, dean, etc.) to the Provost or relevant Vice President and lastly to the President, who will make the final decision. University input will be sought throughout the process. (Note that holistic reviews will take place before the President makes decisions so as to measure the impact potential actions would have across the University.) President Eibeck will release a final report in May 2014 containing a brief analysis of each program/activity/service, a summary of the actions recommended throughout the process, and her final decision about the program's, activity's or service's future. (Many administrative decisions will have been released earlier, in fall 2013.)

    A secure website will be available throughout this process for posting individual program and administrative unit reports, committee and leadership recommendations, and the President's final decisions.

    Budget Reallocations
    (2013 - 2015)
    Units will contribute to a $15 million Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) that will provide resources Pacific needs to launch new strategic initiatives and strengthen or expand current activities.

    Note that the primary purpose of reviewing administrative and academic activities is to become a better institution. Hence, while some recommended actions may result in cost-savings, in most cases the reviews will not determine SIF contributions.

    University leaders recognize that institutional change could impact some employees' lives in a significant way. Anyone whose job is impacted by the reallocation decisions will be treated with respect and dignity and as much support as possible. These issues are so important that more time is needed to develop the best plans to support people through these changes.  More information about personnel will be released by the end of the summer.

    Strategic Investments
    (2013 - 2015)
    Academic and administrative units will be able to pursue strategic investment funds beginning in 2013-2014 for initiatives that hold the promise of opportunity for Pacific, are aligned with Pacific 2020, and have been approved by the Provost/Vice President and the President. $2 million will be available immediately; the available amount will grow over time as reallocations take effect.

    The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), along with the Cabinet, is currently designing a process to access those funds. They anticipate having a process to announce to the University by August 2013.

    Administrative Review and 3-City Administrative Review
    This timeline applies to:

    • all administrative units not housed within the schools or College
    • select three-city units at the Stockton, Sacramento and San Francisco campuses (see Program List)
    May 28: Institutional Research begins compiling data for administrative units as available
    June 3: Units begin to prepare administrative review reports
    August 9: Administrative review reports due
    August 30: Provost and Vice Presidents announce recommendations. Provost and Vice Presidents begin holding Open Divisional Meetings for input (Sept. 3-6)
    Sept. 16: Provost and Vice Presidents adjust recommendations as appropriate; reports and recommendations go to "PAC+" (see definition here) for review
    Sept. 20: PAC+ makes their recommendations and forwards all to President.
    Sept. 23-27: President seeks University input
    Oct. 11: President announces administrative decisions to University community by this date

    Academic Administrative Reviews Timeline
    See Comprehensive Timeline. This timeline applies to:

    • academic programs (see Program List)
    • administrative units within the schools and College (with the exception of 3-city units in the law and dental schools)