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April 4, 2013

Academic Affairs Committee
DUC 211
April 4, 2013
3:00 - 5:00 PM


Present: M. Draheim, L. Fox, J. Haffner, L. Matz, A. Richard, G. Rohlf, E. Typpo, J. Uchizono
Guest: C. Goff, J. Schamber, E. Sonstroem
Not Present: A. Boboc, A. Brown, Q. Dong P. Rosson, A. Gillen

Called to order @ 3:00 pm

I. Approval of Minutes
March 14, 2013

Minutes were approved as corrected.

II. Program Changes
College of the Pacific
Department of Psychology
Minors in Psychology, Child Psychology & Life Span Development

Jon Schamber stated they are reducing the number of minors from three to one and having a simpler structure.

L. Fox, moves to approve, J. Haffner seconds, motion approved unanimously.

III. New Program Proposal Form (Graduate & Undergraduate)-Comparison with New Program Guidelines

L. Matz is requesting the review and approval of a revision to the Academic Program Proposal Guidelines and the elimination of the New Program Proposal Form and the New Graduate Program Proposal Form to eliminate the request for duplicate information. He has identified the areas where there is duplication and has added the missing elements from the proposal forms to the guidelines. Per the discussion it was decided to also add a request for a curriculum map on the guidelines.

J. Haffner moves to approve the revised academic program guidelines and eliminate the graduate and undergraduate program proposal forms, L. Fox seconds, motion passes with 1 abstention.

IV. FHB Revision: 9.6.1 Intellectual Properties Policy and 9.6.1a Copyrights Policy
This item has been changed from an action item to a discussion item. Chris Goff, Past-Chair of Academic Council, and Eric Sonstroem, COP/English, are proposing this handbook revision. This section of the handbook needs clarification because of contradictory sentences. And there are also concerns, specifically from COP/Humanities, regarding how much syllabi information should be available on-line.

There are three requested changes to the handbook:
• 9.6.1 Preamble - the addition of a paragraph which explains intellectual property with language from AAUP.
• 9.6.1F - the addition of a definition of "Basic Syllabus"
• 9.6.1aC. - the elimination of the contradictory language regarding the definition of a course and the copyrights policy.

The committee discussed various issues regarding the proposed handbook changes. C. Goff and E. Sonstroem are also proposing a small correction to 11.7, add ‘A list of' all major assignments and examinations. L. Matz stated that the university is interested in the basic syllabus information for the syllabus repository. The committee agreed on the use of the term "basic syllabus" versus "course syllabus" for consistency under 11.7. This item will be on the next AAC Agenda as an action item.

V. Syllabus Honor Code/ADA Statements - Communication Plan
The committee discussed how to communicate the approved statements that are now posted on the Academic Affairs webpage. The following should be made aware: chairs of curriculum committees, COP/Assistant Deans, Council of Deans, New Faculty Orientation presentation by chair in August.

VI. What's on your mind?
L. Matz provided a handout regarding a two year ERC pilot beginning fall 2013 which eliminates the reading component, and combines reading with writing. This is an informational item for the committee.

J. Uchizono provided an update on the impact of the increase of units for biology courses. Dean Fraden and the biology department have agreed to delay the implementation to fall 2015, and the provost has verbally agreed as well. The swapping of the introduction courses will be implemented in fall 2014.

Meeting adjourned @ 4.33