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    How do I charge Bookstore purchases to my Student Account?

    You must be registered and financially approved for the current semester/term, in order to charge University bookstore purchases to your student account. Students are allowed to charge up to:

  • $950.00 per semester (Fall, Spring and Winter) or
  • $250 per summer session.
    • Credit limits cannot be increased. Bookstore charges are posted to your student account and appear on your online billing statement. If you are enrolled in a monthly payment plan, bookstore purchases will increase your overall balance and be divided among remaining installments. If you are not enrolled in a monthly payment plan then bookstore charges are due upon receipt.

      If you are purchasing books and supplies at the University Bookstore and are intending to use PacificCash instead of charging your purchase to your student account, you need to inform the clerk. Failing to notify the clerk may result in your purchase being charged to your student account.

      For more information about your PacificCard see our FAQ Understanding your Pacific Student ID Card.