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    Understanding your Pacific Student ID Card

    Each student, staff and faculty member is required to have a PacificCARDTM.

    For students, the PacificCARDTM (also called a OneCard) is your versatile Pacific Student ID card that can be used for multiple purposes: charging books at the University Bookstore, entering campus facilities and athletic events, accessing services at the library and Meal Plan "Dining Dollars", as well as to pay for doing laundry in most of the residence halls.

    Here is some basic information to help you understand your card better:

  • The Student Accounts Office records and bills your student account only for those card purchases charged at the University Bookstore.
  • PacificCash is a deposit account (like a prepaid debit account) where students, faculty and staff have the privilege to place funds in a self-managed account to make purchases on campus and at various off-campus retail services.
  • Your University Meal Plan is an account linked to your Pacific Student ID card that allows you to access your Dining Dollars. This account works like a prepaid debit account, that is you have a declining balance and you are only able to spend "Dining Dollars" you have available. Dining Dollars may only be used at on-campus dining venues.
  • For more information about the PacificCARDTM PacificCash visit: PacificCard FAQ's
    For more information about Meal Plans and Dining Dollars visit: Dining Services.