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    Who to Contact

     The Student Accounts Office works closely with the Financial Aid Office, but they are different offices with distinct and separate duties.

    The Students Accounts Office:

    The Office of Financial Aid:

    Collects payment for tuition, fees and housing charges.

    Assists with inquiries about the student FAFSA.

    Produces refunds from excess financial aid (Once Financial Aid has disbursed aid)

    Prepares and sends the financial aid award (your scholarships, grants and loans).

    Prepares eBilling statements.

    Receives and reviews copies of tax returns.

    Assists you with all inquiries related to student billing and payments.

    Determines financial aid eligibility.

    Provides 1098-T for tax purposes


    Student Accounts is located in the Finance Center and can be contacted at (209) 946-2517 or via Student Accounts 
    The Financial Aid Office is located in Knoles Hall and can be reached at (209) 946-2421 or via Financial Aid.