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Tigers On Pace

Tigers On Pace Overview

Tigers on Pace (TOP) is a proactive, interactive, and flexible 4-year career development planning tool intended to keep your student on track with their career planning during their time at Pacific.  The program is specifically designed to assist all students no matter where they might be with their career plans and begins during the students' first year at Pacific.  Be sure to encourage your student to meet with a CRC career advising expert early and often to make the most of TOP.

EXPLORE: First Year
First year students will have a resume developed by the end of the academic year
ENGAGE: Second Year
Second year students will participate in the CRC's mock interview program
EMPOWER: Third Year
Third year students will participate in an experiential learning opportunity
EMPLOY: Fourth Year
Fourth year students will pursue their career goal by securing full-time employment, admissions to graduate school or other career outcomes