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    What is Work Study: Will I be able to get a job though the Federal Work Study Program

    If you file the FAFSA and demonstrate financial need, your financial aid package may include an offer of Federal Work-Study. Utilizing federal work-study provides an opportunity to help pay for your education and related expenses by working part-time during the school year.

    Unlike other financial aid, money earned from Federal Work-Study employment is paid directly to the student. Payroll checks are issued twice a month and reflect the number of hours worked (if any) and the student's hourly rate of pay.

    The Career Resource Center's online job database, Tiger Jobs, allows students to view employment opportunities and apply for jobs online.

    If I decline work-study, may I accept it later?
    Students who decline their work-study award may accept it at a later time pending availability of funds. Contact the counseling staff in the Financial Aid Office for more information.

    For more information please contact the Office of Financial Aid