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Library Instruction Mockup

The University library offers customized workshops that emphasize active learning, critical thinking, and transferrable skills. Library workshops are available on an appointment basis. If you are interested in arranging a library instruction session for your class, please contact your library subject specialist or Lorrie Knight.

Library faculty members provide instruction about using library resources. Our classrooms offer opportunities for hands-on practice.

Sessions can cover:

  • Formulating research strategies
  • Source evaluation (scholarly, popular, Internet websites)
  • Library services and collections
  • Online catalogs and databases
  • Primary sources and the use of Special Collections
  • Avoiding plagiarism and using citation tools

In addition to on-site classes, the Pacific librarians can also provide:

  • Assistance in developing library related assignments
  • Collaboration in creating information competency -based teaching and assessment
  • Resource guides about discipline or class specific materials that can be linked to Sakai sites
  • Asynchronous online tutorials
  • Individual research consultations


Librarians are dedicated to information competency (the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively) which is a critical skill for academic success and lifelong learning. One outcome of Pacific's university-wide learning objective for critical and creative thinking is that students be able to "effectively analyze, integrate, and evaluate information." Library instruction sessions can help achieve this university outcome.