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PEDD 9155: Instructional Technology: Management and Workflow (2 PDU)

PEDD 9155: Instructional Technology: Management and WorkflowInstructional Technology: Management and Workflow focuses on how to manage and improve instructor workflow using technology and other best practices in order to be more effective in the online environment. Often, the move to online instruction seems overwhelming for the instructor.  The perception (and often the reality) is that teaching with technology takes more time from the instructor.  But running an online course doesn't necessarily need to take more time.  The course will focus on course development strategies, teaching management strategies, and workflow and digital management strategies.  Participants will engage in synchronous and asynchronous small group discussion where you will brainstorm, develop mind maps, and form strategies for managing your class.  We will discuss the role of faculty and their relationship to technology and examine instructor/student comfort level with technology. Participants will share their own best practices for managing their digital workloads while engaging students.   Participants will be encouraged to share their own best practices and add their voice to the growing collection of experts in online course management.

Instructor participants will

  • Outline and present a time budget that reflects workload, student interaction, and administrative issues relating to teaching effectively online.
  • Define a clear plan on managing student interaction in an online environment.
  • Be able to discuss the ways that workflow and management are part of the online course design.
  • Present their own personal workflow strategy for handling course documents and instructor feedback.
  • Discuss strategies for managing assessment and feedback in a digital environment.
  • Develop a strategy for finding and determining appropriately licensed media for your class.

Core Elements of PEDD 9155

In order to achieve the student learning outcomes for this course, the following core elements are reinforced or addressed at an advanced level.

  • Visionary educational engagement- R
  • Collaborative management- A
  • Curriculum and instructional design- A
  • Digital asset management- R
  • Assessment and evaluation- R
  • e-learning and intellectual property- R
I = Element is Introduced R = Element is Reinforced A = Element is Addressed at an Advanced Level

Course Agenda

Week One: Workflow Challenges
Week Two: Design and time Management
Week Three: Workflow, Design, and Quality of Life
Week Four: Course Improvement

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