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PEDD 9153: Student Collaboration and Social Learning in an Online Environment (2 PDU)

PEDD 9153: Student Collaboration and Social Learning in an Online EnvironmentStudent Collaboration and Social Learning in an Online Environment looks primarily on technologies, methods, and practices that specifically build communities and collaboration between students and instructors.  Collaboration is becoming the norm in higher education, but is it always aligned to the student learning outcomes?  A variety of methods and tools will be explored, as well as a number of hands on sample projects and assignments that will encourage and facilitate online collaboration and communication.  This course will present research based ideas that are both effective and practical, for applying collaborative tools and social media in your instructional design and teaching.  The participants will wrestle with how collaborative and social media might best fit within your already established instructional goals.  Some of the major questions asked are:

  • Why should you care about social media?
  • What can you do with Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Google+?
  • Does social media engage students? 
  • When should you use outside media services and when should you stick with your institutions LMS. 
  • How do you assess the effectiveness of your social media efforts and provide both qualitative and quantitative evidence regarding student engagement and student SLOs.
  • Can collaboration be used in a way that facilitates and enhances the knowledge and expertise of the teachers as well as the learners? 
  • How can collaboration be used and planned for effectively without either descending into chaos or wandering off topic? 
  • How can collaboration be implemented in a way that avoids the pitfall of the dreaded "group work." 

Instructor participants will

  • Be able to write and communicate about the importance of design elements on the student's ability to learn in an online environment.
  • Design an effective assignment or project that incorporates social learning.
  • develop and present a social learning strategy.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of digital asset management by developing a module with multiple assets in a collaborative project which will be demonstrated to the class.
  • Be able to write, discuss, or present a justification for social learning elements in a course.
  • Develop and present a rubric to assess individuals participating in social learning projects.
  • Examine and discuss strengths and weaknesses in accessibility and 508 compliance in social learning context.

Core Elements of PEDD 9153

In order to achieve the student learning outcomes for this course, the following core elements are reinforced or addressed at an advanced level.

  • Visionary educational engagement- R
  • Collaborative management- R
  • Curriculum and instructional design- R
  • Digital asset management- R
  • Student development and learning- A
  • Assessment and evaluation- R
  • Accessibility and 508 Compliance- R
I = Element is Introduced R = Element is Reinforced A = Element is Addressed at an Advanced Level

Course Agenda

Week One: Principles of Connectivism
Week Two: Tools of Collaboration
Week Three: Challenges of Collaboration
Week Four: Assessing Collaboration

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