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PEDD 9152: Assessment for the Online Classroom (2 PDU)

PEDD 9152: Assessment for the Online ClassroomAuthentic Assessment for the Online Classroom will look primarily at integrating authentic assessment within the online environment and look at various methods of both formative and summative assessment.  Emphasis will be placed on building student learning outcomes (SLOs) that can be assessed and then using those assessments for improvement.  Students will be introduced to and discuss a variety of assessment options from basic exam building strategies to online proctoring issues and development of more authentic and performance based online assessments. The course will look at issues such as the culture of evidence vs. culture of improvement and what implications both have on online course.

Instructor participants will

  • Be able to develop and assess a collaborative management plan identifying an SLO, developing a collaborative exercise, and then developing a collaborative management plan to implement, manage, and assess, the exercise.
  • Demonstrate and present key assessment features and their relationship to the course SLOs
  • Develop a survey or beta testing plan that can be used in assessing and evaluating their course design. 
  • Develop and present a plan for using assessment data for course improvement and redesign.

Core Elements of PEDD 9152

In order to achieve the student learning outcomes for this course, the following core elements are reinforced or addressed at an advanced level.

  • Collaborative management- R
  • Curriculum and instructional design- R
  • Assessment and evaluation- A
  • Data-driven decision making- R
I = Element is Introduced R = Element is Reinforced A = Element is Addressed at an Advanced Level

Course Agenda

Week One: Design with Assessment in Mind
Week Two: Student Learning Outcomes (Rubrics, quizzes, and group evaluations).
Week Three: Identity and Cheating Reduction Strategies
Week Four: Course Assessment & (Re)Design

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