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Cynthia Firey Eakin, PhD
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Accounting
Eberhardt School of Business
3601 Pacific Avenue
Weber Hall Suite 208
Stockton, CA 95211

Dual Degree in Accounting

The Dual Degree Program in Accounting is a five-year accelerated program that culminates with the simultaneous award of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting and the Master of Accounting degrees. The two degrees will be awarded on the basis of 150 semester hours. Completing the Dual Degree Program in Accounting will satisfy California's new accounting education requirements, and will meet the 150 semester hour requirement in most other states and territories.

Admission to the Dual Degree in Accounting Program
Currently enrolled students and accepted transfer students are eligible for admission to the program upon completion of the Junior Core or its equivalent with an overall grade point average in the core of 3.0.  Students who earn grades of "C-" or lower in any of the Junior Core courses are not eligible for admission.  Students should refer to the Dual Degree Program Plan of Study and plan to complete the Junior Core by the end of their junior year.  The Junior Core consists of the following courses:

ECON 53 Introductory Microeconomics
ECON 55 Introductory Macroeconomics
MATH 45 Finite Mathematics and Calculus
MATH 37 Probability and Statistics
BUSI 100 Management Information Systems
BUSI 23 Business Communications
BUSI 31 Principles of Financial Accounting
BUSI 33 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUSI 105 Financial Management
BUSI 113a Intermediate Accounting I
BUSI 113b Intermediate Accounting II

When to Apply
Currently enrolled students and accepted transfer students should apply at the beginning of the semester in which they are enrolled in BUSI 113b Intermediate Accounting II. Usually the Associate Dean will provide details, the application and answer any questions in one the first BUSI 113b course sessions.