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Cynthia Eakin
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Accounting
Eberhardt School of Business
Weber Hall Suite 208
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a four-year degree that includes study of all functional areas of accounting including financial, managerial, cost, federal income tax accounting, accounting information systems, and auditing. Graduates of the program are fully prepared to enter accounting careers in the corporate, governmental, and not-for-profit areas. The program consists of 128 hours of coursework, and positions those graduates who desire licensure as Certified Public Accountants to continue their studies.

Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Currently enrolled Pacific students and admitted transfer students who have completed the following courses or course equivalents with a 2.5 GPA and grades in BUSI 31 and BUSI 33 of C or better are eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Accounting:

MATH 45 Introduction to Finite Mathematics and Calculus
MATH 37 Probability and Statistics
COMP 25 Computers and Information Processing
ECON 53 Microeconomics
ECON 55 Macroeconomics
BUSI 23 Business Communications
BUSI 31 Financial Accounting
BUSI 33 Managerial Accounting
BUSI 100 Management Information Systems
BUSI 105 Financial Management

Currently enrolled Pacific students should apply for the Bachelor of Science during the fall semester of their junior year, and should complete all of the above courses by the end of the fall semester of their junior year.